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ChangePlan Layers

AutoCAD® Autolisp routines to enable layer control.
Set layer as previous selection
Swap layer entities to another layer
Send a layer to back or front
Export a layer to a new file and much more...
The routine creates its own menu and toolbar on loading.
ChangePlan Ltd© 1996.

Area Calculator

AutoCAD® Autolisp routine to calculate the area, volume and perimeter by selecting various points. A label is entered into the centre of the area or by selecting a location. Allows for a scale factor to be entered to enable use in paper space.
Calculates in metric, imperial or both.
ChangePlan Ltd© 2017.

User Icon Menu

AutoCAD® Autolisp routine to create a pull-down menu of blocks created by the end user. Options to rename menus and items to help cataloguing.
Simply select an empty icon then select the entities require by window or crossing. The block is created along with an icon for easy identification.
ChangePlan Ltd© 1992.

3D stair run

AutoCAD® Autolisp routine to calculate a stair case based on floor levels and max rise. Define the stair height by selecting points and enter the max riser & going. The number of treads is calculated and displayed. Then create a 3D stair with the profile and add handrails if required. Uses Pine and Steel - Polished for materials.
ChangePlan Ltd© 2022.

Smart Surveying

AutoCAD® Free Autolisp for surveyors, a routine to survey a buildings internal layout.
Using a Leica Disto® connected via Bluetooth and utilising Leica's PC transfer©, you can easily step round a building / room taking successive measurements of walls, openings (doors & windows) & locations of sockets etc., having AutoCAD® draw the layout as you measure. Using the 'Horizontal Distance' combined with the 'Angle of Inclination', the application determines the position and direction of the walls, doors, windows, symbols etc.
The application is limited to 90° walls, but markers can be used with notations to add information for later amendments.
ChangePlan Ltd© 2023.


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