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August 2006

Romero (UK) Website

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ChangePlan Ltd was asked to create a web window for Romero (UK). We developed a site to show case their modular design for laboratory furniture.

June 2014

Spectrum Electrical Contractors Website

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ChangePlan Ltd was called in to create a web presence for Spectrum Electrical Contractors. We developed a site to suit their specific needs. Not only show casing the services and products they offer to their exacting standards, but also an easy to use, interactive document management site, allowing them to communicate & collaborate with their clients, designers, suppliers and contractors. Their online service allows essential project documents to be available 24/7 whenever and wherever they are required.

2007 ~ 2013

Conversion and construction of Offices, warehousing & starter units

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After obtaining planning permission, ChangePlan Ltd drew up plans to convert various old barns into Offices and warehousing. After the success of the conversion, the client went on to expand the site, offering further warehousing and bespoke start up units. ChangePlan Ltd was closely involved at all stages, from initial concept, through the planning stages, creating working & construction drawings, and project managing the construction through to the handover to the new tennants.

August 2002

Vauxhall Golf 25 years

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ChangePlan Ltd was called in to distort ready prepared artwork. A large plate, approx 6m in diameter, was produced to commemorate the Vauxhall Golf 25 year anniversary. The artwork, which had to be printed onto the plate, had been produced. ChangePlan Ltd had to transform the artwork to fit around the rim of the plate, which was at an angle, so the curvature had to be distorted The Picture (apologies for the quality) shows it on Hanger Lane, (the North Circular Road, A406), London, UK.

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

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